Conditions of Play

This is an 18-hole competition for Ladies (Chick of the Walk) and an 18-hole competition for Men (Cock of the Walk) using the Match Play format. The Ladies competition is played from the Red Tees and the Men’s competition from the Blue Tees. Both competitions are Honour Board Events.

In both events the player with the lowest handicap plays at scratch and the other uses the difference between their and the opponents handicap. The better ball (lower net score based on the Table below) wins the hole. Otherwise the hole is halved. The match is over when one player leads by more holes than are left in the round. If the match is all square after 18 holes, the match will be extended, playing the holes in the same sequence as the first 18. The first player to subsequently win a hole is the winner.

Hole 1 3 5 7 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Index 18 8 12 3 14 6 10 1 16 5 11 2 15 7 13 4 17 9


The cut off date for entries for both events is 20th April 2018 with the draws to be published 23rd April 2018 and published on the Club Notice Boards. First round matches for both events must be completed by 7th May 2018. Deadline for the following rounds will be in 2 week intervals from the date. Matches must be completed by the deadline designated on the draw. Players must report to the Pro Shop staff prior to all matches. Players are responsible for recording the result of their match on the sheet provided on the Club Notice Board. Players involved in matches not completed by the required deadline will be disqualified. Handicaps for the event will be those that apply on the day of a match and are not fixed at any date. 


Members wishing to participate should nominate by email to Jeff Cutler- The fee for the event for each player is $10 and must be paid to the Club Treasurer prior to the cut off date for entries. Players who have not paid by this date will not be included in the draw. The note to Rule 6-3 of the Rules of Golf applies to all matches.