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Super Seniors pennant team snatch a draw

The Super Seniors (over 65s) pennant season finally got under way at Port Macquarie on Monday. With 7 teams in Division 9 the format is for each club to host a round where the other six teams play. The Tallwoods match with Harrington Waters G.C. was closely fought and not decided until the last match on the last green when the last putt missed ensuring a tied result of four matches apiece.
Matches are played from scratch although GA handicaps must be revealed so that the last two matches are between the two lowest markers from each side. Most Tallwoods players were playing against someone with a lower GA handicap and the average GA for Tallwoods was 11 compared with 9 for the Harrington senior players. Tallwoods was also fielding three debutants for their second season in the big time, with only one previous SS season in 2020 and 2021 cancelled due to the pandemic.
John Pearson and Allan (Overspray) Overvliet scored resounding victories over their stunned opponents (5 & 4 and 6 & 5 respectively) to get the team off to a great start. This was John’s first SS win and Overspray once again proved that he can out talk, out walk, out spray and out play anyone on his day.
Mark Summergreene and our latest junior recruit, Allen Smith, were unlucky to meet very experienced in-form opponents and were vanquished but will learn from this experience, especially Allen who played the HW Overspray equivalent (Peter Budden).
Murray Bennett and Tony Kemp were holding their own against players on much lower handicaps and even led going into the second nine. However they couldn’t maintain the pressure nor match some of their opponents lucky bounces to each suffer narrow losses.
So it was all up to our low markers, team captain Trevor Tynan and club captain Ian Miller. Both have a current GA of 6.3 but their opponents both had lower GAs. Despite this Trev and Ian controlled their matches from the outset with brilliant stroke play and then held their nerve when the matches became very tight. Going down the 18th dormie 1 they each needed to win or halve the hole. Ian sank a great 4 metre putt to win 2 up and Trevor squared the hole to win his match 1 up when his opponent’s last putt of the day slid by the hole, much to the delight of at least the blue half the gallery around the 18th green.
With Tuncurry course closed the next round will be played at Forster Golf Club on Thursday 11 August when Tallwoods takes on Kew.

Coming Events

The August monthly medal is on this Saturday and COW Co-ordinator John Pearson will allow a small extension (5 August deadline) on individual match play games but would like to encourage all remaining combatants to play their matches asap.

Ian and Michele will be taking a well earned break in August but the match committee and Tony will endeavour to keep you informed of goings on.
The August NoOW will be in your letter box soon.
Farewell TKG and welcome Belcanto’s Restaurant & Bar.
Jeff Cutler Reporting