News 11 May 2022

From the editor

It was great to see golf carts back for the past four days. Forty two played on Saturday and fifty five vets played yesterday plus short course and women’s vets yesterday. Also on Monday the Tallwoods Lady Master Mechanics & Chefs, sponsored by Mix and TKG, took on the Tuncurry Pirellis at Port Macquarie. Read on to see how they fared. I’ll continue to edit and report results highlights, photos and stories (especially pennants) supplied by roving reporters as well as edit the monthly News of Our World column. The Board is meeting today and any Board business reports will come via President Tony. Jeff

Tallwoods Ladies flatten Pirelli’s Tyres

Round 4 of the CNC Women’s Pennants was played on Monday the 9th May at Port Macquarie Golf Course. (See Team Photo below).

After an early get up, 5am for some, the Tallwoods Team rolled up the highway to Port Macquarie to take on the Tuncurry Pirellis. The Tallwoods ladies flattened the Pirellis’ tyres in a decisive 5 games to nil victory.  (Just goes to show that flash tyres are just for show and no match for mechanical knowledge on how to flatten and remove them. Ed.)

Team Captain Janice Hicks, as always, led from the front with inspiring poetry:

“We’ve had two big wins, we are well on our WAY,

Let’s hope we haven’t forgotten how to PLAY,

Today it’s F/T Perilli who will be after a WIN,

So let’s play our socks off and do not give IN!!!!”

This inspiring verse was followed up by delicious Margherita Cookies.

 Despite all that work, Janice won her game 3 & 2, even though she got locked in the on course toilet (very Inconvenient). Kerri-Lee Edwards got the team off to a good start with a 2 up win against her opponent. Our “newbie”, Jane Bennett, gave her opponent a tyre change, winning 5 & 4Denise New and Michele Miller both won their games 1 up to deflate their opponents. The ladies had great support from their caddies, Jo Stephens, Joan Colvin, Fiona Lane, Mary Byrnes and Krystyna Aldham. (What an intimidating gang of loopers that is! Ed.)

The Tallwoods team has had 3 wins from 3 starts and is hoping to continue their success next Monday, 16th May at Wauchope, weather permitting, where they take on Taree Par Tee On.

Denise New  (Roving Reporter)

Browne & Byrnes Win President’s Cup

Unfortunately President Kemp wasn’t there to see the postponed running of the President’s Cup on Saturday. Only thirty two played and it was a déjà vu experience when Steve Browne arrived in his lucky blue jumper near the end of the field to once again snare a major with 71 nett. Brownie is a big-time player and loved the photo opportunity to show off his new smile (see pic 2 below).

Mary Byrnes was declared the ladies Cup winner as the only one to break 80.

After the last two monthly medals were cancelled the May winners were: A Grade: Dave Frith 73; B Grade: Steve Browne 71; C Grade: Mark Gaffey 73; D1: Kerri-Lee Edwards; D2: Mary Byrnes; D3: Vanessa McGrath & Jenny Lowe tied so will play off in June.

Outstanding round from Mrs Pucko

The ladies have mostly found the going tough on the wet course but Jenny Puxty defied the trend with a great 74 nett to win the Tuesday ladies medal yesterday and be the first lady in ages to actually break her handicap.

Only in America (Hopefully)

All dog-walkers should reconsider taking your dog for a walk on the golf course. This is what happened last weekend in Florida —

“Elderly Florida Man Shoots, Beats Golf Course Dog-Walker

An elderly Florida man was charged with attempted murder after shooting a man and beating him with a golf club after chiding him for walking his dog on a golf course.

According to a report from WPBF News in West Palm Beach, 64-year-old Herbert Merritt was walking his dog along the 15th hole at Kings Point Golf Club around 7 p.m. Sunday when Robert Levine, 74, rode up in a golf cart to confront him.

It wasn’t long before Merritt was running for cover as Levine fired a semi-automatic handgun in his direction, per eyewitness accounts. One bullet struck Merritt in the ankle, at which point Levine kicked him in the head as he lay prone before retrieving a club from his cart and proceeded to strike him with it.

Police officers at the scene seized as evidence two clubs spattered with blood as well as a number of shell casings. Thankfully, there were enough horrified onlookers who called the authorities before Levine could inflict more damage.

As “Florida man” stories go, this one might be the new leader in the clubhouse as it pertains to golf-related crimes. Another resident of the Sunshine State was recently sentenced to two years in prison for stealing and selling golf carts but his crimes seem extraordinarily tame by comparison”.

Good Golfing

Jeff Cutler   TGC Golf News Editor