Captain’s Update July 29

Dragon Day

Not long to wait until the next Dragon Day event!  TCC have advised that carts are allowed so it will be an 18 hole event, 4BBB/Medley with Singles in conjunction.

There is an $800 jackpot prize up for grabs for a  ‘Hole in One’ from the YELLOW TEES on the 2nd Hole.

Please be aware of the following:
Multi Tees – Blue/White (men) and Red/Green (women).  Hopefully, Black Tees will be back in play next time.  The bunkers are in play, as are the basins on the 3rd and the 13th.  Aerated areas to be treated as GUR (nearest point of relief, no closer to the hole).  Follow the white arrows painted on the fairway and stay high where ever possible, as some fairways are still very wet.  
More importantly, have fun!!!

Chicken Run from the 10th hole

It’s been a while since many of us played the back nine holes so today’s the day!  The ProShop will adjust the handicaps accordingly.  We wish Bill Gibbs a speedy recovery and thank John Pearson, John Forestal and Mike Deignan for helping out once again, in Bill’s absence. 

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